Monday, February 16, 2009


唯一不换的是 人的个性...

有些人不 吊 不可以的~



最多当年事件重演而已, 只是结局不会再一样



只因为我们知道你 江山易改,本性难移

Thursday, February 12, 2009

lol? xD

today first time go in yean house xD so jing zhang ~~ but still ok la~ because she house no ppl ~ just her mother oni~ hahaha xD paiseh ~ when go in her house must wash leg first , cozs yean got jie pi ! ~ noob yean~ then we go eat 939. when on the way , we keep think want call who come eat together , then final dicision was we 2 eat oni ~ but when we arrive 939 , we see yu hong and jun kang sit at there d, so supprise ~ hahahaha~ then we order some food and some drink for our lunch ~ after few minute , ken arrive 939 d~ then we chit chat ~ sudenly a i got a phone call from home, that was my brother, he tell me go to buy dog food for our "gou zai" ( Not Yean ah)

then after we finish 939 , we going Yap Mini Market Buy dog food. i go in and pick the "pedigree" brand dog food and walk to counter. suddenly i saw my neigbohour, then
she ask me" what you buy?"
then me say "buy dog food"
she"oo??? you got dog??"
me " ya got , tat chocolate color 1"
she " oo, u buy so expensive 1 give him eat?? we also got feed it , but with bone oni"

after chit chat , then i know my dog was very Xing Fu, because always got ppl give thing let him eat ~ that why he dont want leave Jalan Indah 1/10~hahaha~~

when i back home, i saw my brother and hangboy playing dota Draft game~ but losing~ cozs they noob , if me there ,sure win pls xD ...

then nite when we go yamcha ~ wahaha , then yu hang say want come my house chit chat ~ then after yamcha he and fan man come my house ~ but the content we talk is secret ~wahahaha~ ok la~ i want to sleep le~ the nite is still younfg , but i also get to sleep ~ bye~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Think less ~

Every thing is easy , think less , you will be happy. you think more , u will be unhappy. izzit easy rite?

Why he want to talk like tat?
Why he do like tat?
Why I must hear what he say?
Why I so stupid?
Why and why ?

Why ah?think yourself hahaha~
that were have a lot thing happen around us just a small case, dont make it messy in ur life.

Be Happy~Wahahahaha xD

But i need to think more.... because i am a Designer xD~~ paiseh

write shuang xD ...go sleep loh~ byebye~~

Monday, February 9, 2009

15 ~?

today was the last day of chinese new year~ so sad pls xD
so ~ same with b4~ we go to kampung having dinner ~ we kampung at sun da shan zhuang oni xD
paiseh ~ haha~~ then we go to see movie " Bride War " at jusco where located at Cheras Selatan~ me , Fei Chai , Fei Po ,Dut Juin , Noob Yean , and Huang together enjoy this movie~ this was a really funny movie , it talk about 2 bride fight because of the venue of wedding~

after finish bride war , we going to sungai long yamcha ~ when we arrive the mamak stalk . we say together " ei? why juin and huang arrive so fast 1?" because juin and huang sit diferent car with us. when we see clearly , the other guy was not huang , just the girl got 80% look like juin. wahahah~ after juin them arrive, we tell them what happen just now, and she keep say" where got , bu xiang la~" hahaha~~ then we keep chit chat ~ what also say ~ we gila until 6 ppl go play killer game , 1 refree , 3 ping ming , 1 killer , 1 damn chi gek ! cozs finish in 1 round! lol~~damn stupid pls~

then we talk until we talk to streamyx , and i talk my streamyx history to them ~ wahaha~ really a bad history for streamyx..thats why ppl keep say streamyx suck~ really suck that time!! keep dc , but now for me is ok d~~wahaha~~ but expensive~ oversea , people having fast connection speed with low price pls...when streamyx can improve like the other country?
i think need to wait around 100++ year bah ~~haha

then we back home~ 2morow want to meet my boss d~~ hope he can give me good suggestion for my future xD

good nite ~~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow! This was my first post In My Blog !

I start to write blog again ~ i were long time didn't touch my blog spot and i forget my own blog address =.= paiseh la~ so this was my first post on my new blog ~ xD
I see alot my friend write blog write until very shuang , so want to write lo~ wahahaha~

About chinese new year~
this year chinese new year was suck ...i dint feel any chinese new year feel in this sad on it...every day keep gamble gamble gamble and killer...~ why gamble sentence is more than killer sentence . it because we play killer game 1 time , we will gambling 3 time~ wahaha xD
so we are gambling whole chinese new year ~

Today was the last day of chinese new year , i hope the next chinese new year will be better than this year ~ and hope this year all thing will be fine ~cozs " boat till bridge head nature straight "~

then talk about other thing , why i want to write so many, cozs i miss alot thing i want write on this blog...cozs i late start write this blog ~ wahahah xD
started from yesterday , me , lala , hangboy , kevin , lang ren , and fan man start learn break dance , but actually i no need learn 1~ cozs teacher was nothing to teach me ~ wahahaha~~ xD
i teach him cha bu duo xD ~~ that day we learn Elbow Freeze !! look like so pro !! lala and hang boy very fast to get the technik how to elbow freeze ! kevin slow abit~ then we keep teach him ~we also feel pelik~ then we keep try and try to help him. finaly we settle the problem why he cannot elbow freeze~~ hangboy :" ur hand are wrong !" because of this sentence , kevin success elbow freeze ! yeepee!! xD

ok ~ write until here sin ~ i want go to sleep d ~ remember leave some comment on my blog xD